September 24, 2015


Let me start off by saying that aside from a few knowledgeable and enjoyable shopping trips, completely re-vamping my entire wardrobe and teaching me the in’s and out’s on how to tastefully piece an outfit together, Kam ensured that I not only fit in with my exceptionally well dressed co-workers but stand out amongst them.

Kam is a gem of a person; it’s evident that he is a veteran in his field of work but what truly struck me was his passion for his work, his professionalism and how collective and patient he was during my entire wardrobe overhaul.

Call him and I assure you will discover your personal style.

Pavel Glaze
   MD, PhD, CCFP


Kam has helped me discover my style in no time! I’ve always had an interest in dressing well, however, it’s hard keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and knowing what works and what doesn’t.

After just two shopping trips with Kam, where he taught me the basics of style as we shopped and gave me a lot of tips, I am now able to shop and put together outfits on my own. Kam still keeps me updated with all the new fashion trends and is always available via phone or text whenever I need style advice. Kam is the go-to guy if you’re talking fashion and style!

Varinder Kainth
   CEO, Pixilink Solutions Ltd.


Looking good in what I wear has always been important to me. I believe it is the first impression people get when they meet you, especially in business, but true in everyday life as well. Lately though I had been feeling like my clothes and my looks had become stagnate and I needed some new ideas. I had been following Singh Styles on Facebook and Instagram for a while now and I decided to give Kam a call. I am glad I did.

We sat down and had a talk about what I liked and what I didn’t like, what I typically wear and
we even talked about looks I liked but I wasn’t sure I could pull off. We went through photos of different looks so that we could both be on the same page. This all gave Kam a better understanding of my lifestyle and needs and provided him with a place to start. He assured me that I could wear any look that I liked and it was all about making changes to my wardrobe and the way I thought about clothes where I was pushed towards new styles, but still felt comfortable in what I was wearing.

We completed a wardrobe detox, where we went through my current clothes and separated them in things to keep, things to retire, and things to get altered so that they fit me better. I was amazed at the amount of stuff that Kam said to keep or get altered. He said that I had a good base to start from, people often do, and that we just needed to add a few looks/pieces to it to rebuild my wardrobe.

Kam was fun to shop with too. He got me to try on things that I never would have tried on my
own, and to my surprise I always liked how it looked. We rebuilt my wardrobe and now I enjoy going through my closet to decide what to wear every day. I feel confident in what I am wearing and have received tons of compliments.

Kam is a very easy going individual who is skilled at his art. I will definately recommend him to my friends and family, and will be using more of his services in the future.

Thanks again Kam for all of your hard work and dedication.


Arvind Dhillon
  CEO, Lavish Custom Homes Ltd.