11 Christmas Gifts Guaranteed To Upgrade His Style

Wow! I can’t believe Christmas is only 4 days away. This year has just flown by! While I tie up my shoelaces and get ready to start my Christmas shopping, last minute as usual, I know there are some of you out there in the same boat as me. While most women I know are always on the ball with their Christmas shopping, some of you even finishing up theirs before many of us have even woken up from our Thanksgiving food coma, if there are any of you ladies out there who are scrambling last minute like us men and stressing about what to buy your other half, I’ve got you covered!

In fact, it might be a good thing you haven’t bought him anything yet, because you can really use this opportunity to give your man a little style upgrade this Christmas. Don’t worry, you don’t have to consult the Gods of Google and spend hours scrolling through hundreds of images and lists to figure out what to buy him. As a menswear expert and certified style consultant, I’ve put together a list of 11 items that you can add to your other-half’s wardrobe to elevate his style game; a gift that really is for you as well : )

Also, see the bottom of this article for how you can give him the ultimate style gift that you’re both going to love. If you’re still not sure what to buy him, or need advice or tips on buying any of these items, feel free to contact me through my website www.SinghStyles.com or on Instagram @singhstyles. Without further ado, here’s your list:

Trench Coat

Left – Burberry ($2,395)
Right – Topman ($196)

There is no other clothing item a man can own that’d give him an instant style upgrade like a trench coat will! If a man can have only one piece of outerwear in his wardrobe it should be a trench coat. With it’s military inspired styling and versatility that makes it perfect for 3 out of 4 seasons of the year, this one is a must have. He could wear it over his peaked lapel navy power suit or look just as dapper wearing it on top of a grey jumper, ripped denim, and  a pair of chelsea boots!

Whether you go for the iconic Burberry option or the one from Topman, make sure it fits snug but has enough room to be layered during colder weather.


Dress Belt

Left – Zara ($45.90)
Right – Ferragamo ($440)

A belt is an essential item and it’s essential to have the right belt. One would think that it’s really simple to find the right belt, after all it’s just a strap of leather with a buckle attached to it. However, there are four different factors that decide what a good belt is. We’ll save that for another article though, for now trust me and pull the trigger on one of these.. or get both! They’re both reversible black/brown and could be paired easily with 96% of his wardrobe.


Camel Coat

Left – Club Monaco ($459)
Right – Nordstrom ($461.88)

Now this isn’t the first overcoat a man would buy to add to his wardrobe, that’d probably be a black or a grey one. However, a camel coat is a classy piece of outerwear that, just like the trench coat, could be dressed up or down and is uber stylish. He won’t get as much use out of it as he would with a black/grey coat but every time he wears it he is gonna love it just as much as you do it on him.



Left – J Crew ($98.50)
Right – H&M ($69.99)

Take cue from one of the most stylish men of Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds. His arsenal includes a number of thin cardigans because he, as a style guru, knows how versatile and stylish this piece is. Your other half could wear his under his suit jacket to employ a style hack most men haven’t even thought of attempting and be the most stylish guy in the office or it could be easily thrown on top of a plaid shirt paired with dark denim and some chelsea boots for a more casual look.


Shawl Collar Cardigan

Left – Simons ($99.95)
Right – Urban Outfitters ($39)

This is the more casual, but just as stylish cousin of the dressy cardigan. Layering is a style move that separates well dressed men from just average dressed men (given that the layering is done right). And a shawl collar cardigan is a layering piece so versatile and stylish that it has transcended through decades and different style eras; and it definitely has a place in every man’s wardrobe.



Left – Tom Ford ($255)
Right – Yves Saint Laurent ($82)

Here is an item that really is a gift you’ll be buying for yourself. You know you’re going to love it when he wears it. That said, a cologne is a very personal item and must be chosen carefully. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to fragrances and you must know what kind of smells he’d like, because he’ll be wearing it everyday. That said, here are a couple of options that smell amazing. I’d recommend going to a store like The Bay or Sephora where you can sample before buying.


Pocket Square

Left – The Tie Bar – 5-pack ($63)
Right – Nordstrom ($55.30)

Many men have adopted this style move and have started adding the touch of dapperness to their outfits. A pocket square is one of those small items that completes an outfit and could instantly take any it from good to great. There are many different ways to fold a pocket square and doing it the right way according to the outfit and the occasion/setting is important. While everyone knows and wears their pocket squares with suits or blazers, one style move that’ll set him apart from the crowd will be wearing a pocket square with a more casual outfit, for example: wearing it inside of a denim or a field jacket’s pocket.



Left – Gucci ($355)
Centre – Zara ($35.90)
Right – Nordstrom ($69.30)

Whether you want to call it a style move stolen from David Beckham and Brad Pitt, or one that’s over 2000 years old there’s no doubt that the scarf is an item that every well dressed gentleman has a few of in his wardrobe. Yet another instant style upgrade piece, the scarf won’t only just look great but keep him warm in these freezing temperatures. You can actually wear scarves all year round (of course different fabrics and styles), but get him one of these three options for winter.


Shoe Care Kit

Left – Nordstrom ($111.94)
Right – Kiwi ($14.98)

As they say, you can tell a lot about a man just by looking at his shoes. As important as it is to buy great shoes, it’s equally as important to take care of them. Every gentleman should have a shoe kit to keep their shoes looking great; and since every man knows the importance of having the right tools to do a job, he’d appreciate this thoughtful present.


Tie Bar

Left – RW&CO. ($29.90)
Right – Gentleman’s Culture ($27)

Women, you know this very well, when you accessorize an outfit you can take it to a whole new level; you know how important it is to accessorize. While men can’t accessorize as much as women do, there are a few style accessories moves men can pull to put themselves in a whole different league. The tie bar is one of those style moves. How many men have you really seen around town donning a tie bar? Exactly! Do him a favour and throw this in his stalking, he’s going to love it!


Watch/Accessory Case

Left – Bed Bath & Beyond ($34.99)
Right – Bed Bath & Beyond ($79.99)

When a man has a collection of watches he’s proud of and loves dearly (of course, not as much as he loves you) he’d want to baby them. And if he’s not the kind to take care of his belongings maybe this will be a good reminder. Plus, no watch that deserves a spot on a man’s wrist should be taking an unnecessary beating in a drawer.

There you have it, ladies. Each one of these items is guaranteed to kick his style game up a few notches, and you can brag about your excellent taste in menswear when he gets compliments on his new looks. Now, as promised…


The Ultimate Style Gift

Let’s be honest, you’re not the biggest fan of his style. Whether it’s because he’s too busy to be bothered with going from shop to shop trying on different clothes or he just doesn’t care for it, you’d like him to start dressing better.

It could be super confusing and frustrating trying to figure out what colours, patterns and styles of clothes will look the best. How slim is too slim? Do those stripes really work with that pattern? What’s the right sleeve length for a blazer? What does the dress code semi-formal mean anyway? Unless you’re ready to spend countless hours researching on google, figuring out what works, what’s right and what’s wrong could be a daunting task. Plus, there’s nothing worse than making a fashion faux pas.

Do yourselves a huge favor and give him the gift of style that’ll keep on giving. Have a certified fashion consultant work with you guys to help you discover what clothes would look the best on him based on his body type, skin tone, unique features and lifestyle. Once he develops his own signature style, he will be the best dressed man you know!

Styling packages start at $150. To setup a free consult or find out more contact Kam at info@singhstyles.com or call 778.322.0739 and ask about holiday packages.

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